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Everyone’s favourite redhead… 

Doodle time!

Hey folks!
Oh man, finally finished this Sailor Moon painting!  I noodled over it quite some bit.
I’m tabling at my first convention in less than a month - Momocon here in Atlanta, March 8-10 - so I’m doing a few neat fan-art pieces to sell as prints.  One of the most quintessential anime characters, of course, is Sailor Moon, so naturally I did a painting of her!
I love it when artists draw Asian characters as Asian people (as they are usually portrayed as very white-American), so that was my approach here.  Additionally, I love the way light-colored eyeshadow and bright lipstick looks on Asian girls’ skin.  Pretty things are pretty!
Anyway, I haven’t gotten prints of this made yet - I’ll get prints made once I finish a few other images - but I’ll be selling prints on my Etsy store soon.  Probably after the convention.
However, if you’d like a digital painting similar this, take a look at my painted commission prices!  (Ignore the cartoon character pricing in that listing, which you can see accurate pricing for here.)

First animated .gif Evah!   I heavily referenced Anthony Holden’s blog, and his how to post.  Should check his work out if you’re not already familiar with it!

Omocat: Mushroom Princess.

Miami sunset on a cold miserable London day.

Double Girls. Did this for a NYE poster for a club. Not sure if it’s getting used yet.

Daria and Jane tribute (via pixel mixer)

Ericka Lugo

My new book! You can pre-order it now if you want.